There’s an artistic side to accounting. You unveil a story. Made up of pieces, made up of numbers. It’s a story of your business, of your little and big decisions along the way. A story of a month, a year, of moments in time. Whether those stories are good ones, “unfortunate” ones, or misguided ones. Even boring stories can be intriguing and useful. You can learn, reflect, adapt.

There’s also, of course, the emotional side to accounting. Money can evoke some of the strongest emotions — happiness, relief, determination, regret, frustration, anxiety, anger, even bitterness. And as with most of life, it’s the lessons you allow yourself to learn that can be life-changing and profound.

So DIG IN to your business:

TIGHTEN UP your financial story.
KNOW and analyze your financial story.
PLAN and execute to ensure your future financial stories are great ones.

How well do you know your financial story?