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Crista Gruendyke

Strategist · Systems Analyst · CEO

Crista started Infusion Accounting with a passion to see businesses succeed with the aid of smart and effective accounting tools. For over fifteen years, she has held key positions in accounting and business in a wide range of industries. Her expertise in financial systems, coupled with her degree in business finance from Middle Tennessee State University, make her uniquely suited to assisting small businesses in streamlining accounting operations and developing efficient solutions.

Her early years were spent on the Hawaiian Islands. While her journey through distinct chapters of life have lead to diverse places, she now resides in Southern California. She is passionate about caring for orphans and assisting impoverished communities with small business strategies. She also has a love for the great outdoors, perspective gained from travel, and playing classical piano. She married her best friend, Eric, who owns a custom homes company, Citrus Homes. When they’re not working, they are soaking up their happy little ones, Emmett & Addie.

Chelsea Doyle

Operations & HR Manager

Chelsea has always had an interest in Business & Accounting. Her background is in Finance and while she spent 10 years in banking as a consumer loan underwriter, it was the business side of things, she always came back to. An entrepreneur at heart, she has also owned or been a partner in providing consulting and management services to other small businesses over the last two decades. She has held administrative and management positions at local organizations such as Seattle Children’s Hospital, Evergreen Medical Center and Lake Washington School District. She has an eye for detail and finds accounting & management both challenging and satisfying.

When not organizing data and creating new systems from her home office in the Pacific Northwest, you can find her spending time on her yoga mat, camping and hanging with her family and friends. Chelsea and her husband Toby, live north of Seattle, with their 3 kids and rescue pup.

Bailey Sharp

Accounting Manager

Bailey started her accounting career in a small dental office and over 15 years was able to get experience in a variety of industries. She always enjoyed the business side of work and digging into the financials. Over the years she has worked in the entertainment industry, construction, and a variety of other small businesses. With her history in accounting and her passion for digging into the books, she joined Infusion Accounting to better utilize her skills.
Aside from accounting, Bailey spends her spare time with her husband and five children. They love to bake as a family and you can smell it on the weekends all the way out to the sidewalk. They spend their free time outdoors, usually long walks and bike rides as a family.

Kristen Lockyear

Accounting Manager

Kristen has an intellectual curiosity and strong work ethic, both of which drive her to excellence in all of her endeavors. Having obtained her bachelor’s degree as a pre-med and art history major at UC Berkeley, Kristen also recently completed her Masters in philosophy and ethics at Biola University. While completing her graduate degree, she has worked as an Adjunct Professor teaching chemistry laboratory classes. After working in the accounting department for a local company, she found enjoyment in the accounting realm and began working for Infusion Accounting in 2013. Kristen currently resides in Wyoming with her husband, Russell, and enjoys spending time outdoors with her son and twin girls and playing classical piano and harp.

Rachel Smith

Lead Executive Client Manager

Rachel graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minor in business management. Rachel always felt the need to be highly organized while growing up, especially as a quintuplet. Her organizational skills and attention to detail are what led to her to the accounting world, and they continue to be an asset in her accounting work. After graduating, Rachel gained experience in the world of accounting in various positions and looks forward to learning more. While living in Southern California, Rachel loves to spend time at the beach and at Disneyland, which is where she met her husband during college.

Josefina Gonzalez

Executive Client Manager

Josefina graduated from California State University Northridge with a degree in Accountancy. While at CSUN, she volunteered for VITA preparing tax returns for low income families and served as a translator for Spanish speakers. Josefina worked for Los Angeles Unified School District supervising the development and organization of enrichment programs at multiple elementary schools. She is passionate about helping others succeed and is excited to take on new clients and help them thrive in their businesses.

When not in office, she enjoys being in the water, playing poker and going on new adventures with her family. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Jaime and their two boys, Leo and Robert.

Cristina Grant

Executive Client Manager

Cristina graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. While at CCSU, she found a passion for accounting, and gained valuable experience through her work as an intern and associate accountant for a CPA firm. Now that she is expecting her first child, she decided to explore other areas of accounting that allow her to be home with her son. When she is not working, Cristina enjoys spending time at the beach or hiking up a mountain with her dog.

Mari Mandes

Executive Client Manager

Mari Mandes, originally from Puerto Rico currently residing in GA, holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She also has an MBA degree in Business Technology. She has over 15 years of progessive experience in the accounting field, collaborating with a wide variety of small businesses from different industries. Mari has a passion for the accounting profession and enjoys using her skills to help people. Mom of two boys, she loves spending quality time with family and friends and enjoys a healthy and balanced lifestyle between family and work.

Maria Jihanyan

Accounting Specialist

Maria’s aspiration for continuous learning and progressing her career led to exploring new roles in the field of accounting, earning her a Master’s in Professional Accountancy from CSU Northridge. Having diverse roles in the financial, market research, and consulting industries has given her valuable experience in finding solutions for challenging or new situations while implementing effective tools and processes to achieve organizational goals. She has managed financials for multiple companies and is dedicated to providing superior services to support entrepreneurs in their success. During her time off Maria enjoys traveling, visiting vineyards, and reading.

Kathy Meyer

Lead Accounting Assistant

Kathy’s journey to accounting came from years in various businesses that all were tied to the field. Kathy received her Business Management degree from South Minnesota State University. Kathy has a passion for learning new things and loves to dive in to become a subject matter expert. Kathy loves the outdoors from golfing, bicycling, and snowmobiling; she is hoping to become a pickleball champion. Kathy lives with her husband and two mini doxies in Florida and South Dakota.

Daniela Chavez

Accounting Assistant

Daniela graduated from San Diego State University, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. She became interested in accounting when taking an introduction to accounting course, and realized she enjoyed the analytical and critical thinking aspects of accounting. Having taken several advanced computer science courses in the past, she developed strong logical thinking skills, which has made jumping into accounting very straightforward. She has experience preparing tax returns for individuals, and is always ready to learn more and expand her skillset. Daniela currently resides in San Diego, California, and when not studying or working, you can find her cooking new dishes, gardening, and spending time with her dog, family, friends, and partner.

Christine Almonte

Accounting Assistant / Payroll & Benefits Specialist

Christine found passion for accounting and her love for helping businesses flourish when family and friends will come to her for advice on how to become more financially stable. Her passion to help others and better serve people led her to continuing her education in Business Finance at Florida International University, where she is currently obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree. Prior to her entering the world of accounting she has held most of her experience in administrative roles in South Florida.

When she is not working, or studying, she’s most likely writing, creating new vegetarian dishes, kayaking, gardening or exploring new places with her family and friends

Laura Alvarez

Accounting Assistant

Laura received her Bachelor’s in Accounting at the University of Alaska Anchorage and furthered her education with a Master’s in Business Administration. Growing up in a small town in Southeast Alaska, Laura found her passion for business while working for local tourism companies. Her interest in business, and having a head for numbers, is what lead her to pursue an education and career in accounting. Laura is eager to delve into the world of virtual accounting, which enables her to be a devoted military spouse and mother. In her free time, Laura enjoys traveling to new places and baking for her friends and family.

Joy Woodburn

Accounting Assistant / Billing Specialist

Joy graduated from Western Governors University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Accounting. With a lifelong passion for setting goals and working toward them with intention, she spent years as a small business owner in floral design before discovering a love for the accounting field. Joy has always enjoyed organization and detailed work, as well as creativity and problem solving. Originally graduating with a degree in Music Performance, she sees the marriage of creativity and structure as a theme throughout her endeavors.
Joy is excited to embark on her Accounting career with Infusion. In her free time she enjoys studying botany, writing and recording music, making mixed-media visual art, and training her dogs for agility trials.

Lexus Castillo

Accounting Assistant

Lexus graduated at the top of her accounting program in Minnesota, after completing all math and business classes available at her high school. She has worked in accounting for almost 10 years in a variety of industries; ranging from personal accounting portfolios, mom and pop stores, corporations, and enterprises. Her significant experience is in auditing and is always available to solve new arising problems.

Lexus chose a new career path through virtual accounting to better meet the needs of her and her family with Ehler Danlos. They spend most of their free time learning new hobbies, reading or watching movies together.

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